Hedonistic Learning

Learning for the fun of it

There’s no set topic for the site, but it is likely to be a lot of math, programming, and physics stuff. Some other topics I have a significant interest in include organizational behavior, education, and leadership.

Hakyll is used for the content. MathJax is used for the math formatting and requires Javascript. Disqus is used for comments which also requires Javascript. You should be able to post comments without registering for anything. Disqus doesn’t make this super obvious, but when you click on the Name field for the “Or Sign Up with Disqus” option, there’s a checkbox at the bottom of the form that appears labeled “I’d rather post as a guest” which allows you to post with only a name and email. Unfortunately, MathJax can’t process the comments, so nicely formatted math is not available in the comments.

If you like the kinds of things I write here, you’ll probably also find my answers on StackOverflow and the various StackExchanges interesting. More recently, you can find me on Codidact.